No product quantity is too minuscule or too large. We take care of the entire production process from start to finish, including the product design, paint, source piecing.

Pacifictech Molded Products is your resource for:

  • Overseas manufacturing, Audit and Assessment (including Social Responsibility)
  • 3D & Engineering Drawings Translation
  • Pre-Production Review
  • Coordination of First Article of Inspection
  • In-Production Oversight
  • Final Inspection and QC Confirmation
  • Pre-Shipment and ETA Customer Service

Core Competencies review - Industrial

  • Custom Injection molded plastic parts and assemblies; all grades of commodity and engineering grade plastics. Single and multi cavity tools. Single shot, double shot and over molding options.
  • Vacuum forming and Rotational molding
  • Secondary operations such as pad printing and sonic welding.
  • Rubber Molding; compression, transfer and injection.
  • Rubber Extrusion; sponge and solid.
  • Aluminum Die Castings
  • Stamped Assemblies, Progressive, Deep Draw, Transfer and Single Operation pressings. Spot welding and all painting types available.
  • Cast Components & Assemblies; Pressure casting in Magnesium, Aluminum & Zinc. Investment casting in steel and stainless steel. CNC machining, sand blasting and polishing.
  • Projects requiring a high degree of value added engineering and quality control services
  • Metal fabrication and other

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