Quality is more than just the worth of a product. It is every element that goes into making a product or company.

Understandably one of the biggest concerns in dealing with China is quality. With hundreds and thousands of plastic and rubber factories in China producing near identical products it takes an experienced company to manage and present the best and most competitive option for each project. Very few factories set out to produce poor quality products. We have found that most quality issues arise as a result of lack of required detail, miscommunication and overall poor project management. Pacifictech prides itself on information gathering at the quote, tooling and pre-productions stages.

Potential product quality issues are first addressed during initial quoting. Our quoting process commences with our team of experienced tool engineers initial review of your drawing files for manufacturability. Our China team will translate your drawings to understand tolerances, identify critical dimensions and other key factors required. Our team of quality engineers mitigate risk at every possible phase by remaining engaged at the factory level throughout the entire tool validation, material selection and validation process, manufacturing specifications to packaging and shipping all with priority on Quality.

Please send all email inquiries to sales@pacifictechmold.com and the appropriate representative will contact you shortly. If you are looking for a quotation, please fill our quote request form.